About Us

B. C. Tent & Awning Company Inc. is one of the premier tent and party rental companies in Massachusetts. We take great satisfaction in providing elegance with a personal touch. In order to maintain our commitment to quality and service, we are continually adding new items to enable us to better serve your party needs.

In 1980, Bob Costa started B. C. Tent & Awning Company Inc. with one tent in his father’s garage. The company has expanded significantly since then and now manages over one half million square feet of tents.

Our Team

Bob Costa - BC Tent & Awning

Bob Costa
E: [email protected]

Patrick Flynn - BC Tent & Awning

Patrick Flynn
Vice President of Finance
E: [email protected]

Gene LaPierre - BC Tent & Awning

Gene LaPierre
Vice President of Operations
E: [email protected]

Rhona Dias - BC Tent & Awning

Rhona Dias
General Manager
E: [email protected]

Mark Wilson - BC Tent & Awning

Mark Wilson
Operations Supervisor
E: [email protected]

Bob Kelleher - BC Tent & Awning

Bob Kelleher
Facilities Manager
E: [email protected]

Valerie Flynn - BC Tent & Awning

Valerie Flynn
Marketing & Sales Administrator
E: [email protected]

Phil Herzberg - BC Tent & Awning

Phil Herzberg
E: [email protected]

Victoria Pratt - BC Tent & Awning

Victoria Pratt
Sales & Marketing Assistant
E: [email protected]

Kyle Hamm - BC Tent & Awning

Kyle Hamm
Sales & Marketing Assistant

Elizabeth Driscoll - BC Tent & Awning

Elizabeth Driscoll
Rental Consultant
E: [email protected]